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Memoryze...Nutrition for your Brain

Memoryze® for Brain Health

Memoryze's unique formula includes 12 nutrients that are proven to promote brain health and memory. Memoryze is a drink mix, not a capsule, allowing you to get more of the nutrients your brain needs in a form that is easy for your body and brain to assimilate!

Endorsed by the American Brain Council

After reviewing many brain-health and memory supplements, Memoryze was recognized by the American Brain Council as the best-in-class formula for promoting brain health and memory. Memoryze is the first and primary brain-health supplement endorsed by the American Brain Council.

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Why is Memoryze Better?

  • 12 Proven Nutrients

    Memoryze is the real deal. Memoryze contains 12 important nutrients that are proven to support memory and brain health. Also, Memoryze uses the best form of ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness.

  • Easier to Take and Assimilate

    Memoryze was formulated as a drink mix to allow for easy intake, maximum absorption, and to promote hydration (which your brain also needs in order to function at peak levels). It also reduces the number of bottles to open and pills to take.

  • Memoryze Tastes Great!

    Memoryze has a great mixed-berry flavor that contains natural, healthy ingredients. Order your supply of Memoryze today!


Some brain-health supplements are much cheaper than Memoryze. Is it worth the extra money to buy Memoryze?

Premium brain health products are more expensive, but usually deliver much better results. We could have watered down Memoryze by using only one or two nutrients, using cheap synthetic versions of the ingredients, or using smaller doses. However, our goal and purpose is to create a powerful product that makes a meaningful difference in the lives of our customers. Memoryze is the result of years of research and we choose to use the amounts and form of the ingredients that have been shown to be effective in empirical studies. Try Memoryze and you will see why it is clearly better!

How long before I will see results?

Memoryze is not an energy drink that gives you a burst of energy, followed by a let down. Memoryze may give you a boost in your day, but the real benefit is in supporting your long-term brain health. Your brain needs constant nourishment and Memoryze provides 12 powerful nutrients that have been shown to effectively contribute to brain health and memory. Some people notice results in a few weeks, but for others it may take longer. Regardless of how long it takes, you have the comfort of knowing your brain is getting nutrition it needs to be healthy and well.

Will Memoryze by itself ensure brain health?

A number of factors contribute to brain health. Although nutrition is likely the most important, it is important that you not neglect other things that promote brain health. Here are a few:

1) Physical Activity - Keeping your body healthy helps to improve digestion and the circulation of nutrients to the brain. Physical activity reduces inflammation that can impair brain function, and it may also increase brain growth factors.

2) Mental Activity - As important as it is to exercise your body, it is equally important that you exercise your mind. Reading, learning new information and sharing it, brain games, doing cross-word puzzles and things that require some real thinking will help to keep your brain sharp.

3) Adequate Sleep - A healthy brain needs time to rest and regenerate. During sleep our brain does "house cleaning" to prevent the accumulation of gunk that can impair brain function. Be sure that you get the daily rest you need (7-8 hours) to keep your mind and body fit.

4) Hydration - Dehydration has been found to contribute to cognitive decline. Your brain (and your body) need adequate water to be healthy and operate at their optimal levels. Drink lots of water!

And of course, don't forget to take your daily dose of Memoryze!