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Here is what people who have tried Memoryze have to say.brain health couple

Dr. J. Curtis, Salt Lake City, UT

Background: Dr. Curtis is a retired dentist and for years has studied cognitive decline and tried various things for his faltering memory. He notes that nothing has helped him near as much as taking Memoryze and SunCrest Labs SAMe™. He is able to remember more and articulate it better.

Quote: “I was introduced to Memoryze and found it to be better than anything I have ever tried. Specifically, I was able to remember more and articulate it better than I had in years. I have been taking it quite regularly ever since. A few times I have run out but within days I can tell the difference. Then once I get more, within 2-3 days I can see an improvement again. So I try now to keep plenty on hand and not run out. I’ve also shared this with other friends and family members.”


A. Knowles

Background: His wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He tried various things with some improvements. However, since he started giving her Memoryze he’s noted the following:

Quote: “She is now able to talk and communicate much better. She is now able to carry on a good conversation, which she could not do before. She is less tired, sleeps less during the day, and can do things now she hasn’t been able to do for years.”


Evelyn D.

Background: Evelyn’s husband was a retired executive with Alzheimer’s disease. When taking Memoryze and SAMe he made decent progress. Whenever Evelyn tried to wean him off either one of those she saw a major difference in orientation, communication, mobility, bowel control etc. They recently vacationed in Hawaii.

Quote: “We are both convinced that without this he would now be in a care center.”


Mrs. Taylor

Background: Husband was in a study for a different brain-health supplement, but stopped improving.
Quote: “After only a month on this new formula my husband was doing better than he's done in the last two years!  He was so doped up he could hardly talk or walk. Now he is on NO medication. He's had a complete personality reversal. Others have noticed as well. He can talk better, is much calmer, more compliant, considerate and loving. No more evening agitation or belligerent behavior. No more ‘Sundowners syndrome.’ After two months he went out playing golf with his sons. And today he even turned on and adjusted the television. Something he hasn’t done for more than a year. I can hardly believe his progress, but it’s true!”


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